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Benefits of Pueraria Mirifica
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Pueraria Mirifica

In 1932, Dr. A.F.G. Kerr, the Director of the Botanical Section of the Journal of the Siam Society, directed the attention of the scientific community to the fact that the tuberous roots of a Thai plant called “Kwao Krua”, mistakenly identified then as Butea superba, were considered to be of value as a rejuvenating drug. Dr. Kerr was the first to create international awareness of the rejuvenating qualities of this plant, which subsequently led to the isolation of a potent phytoestrogen that is unique to this plant only and to the identification of the plant as Pueraria Mirifica in 1952.

Whether you want to increase your breast size, lift sagging breasts, add firmness after weight loss or treat the symptoms of menopause naturally; our dedicated staff will educate you on the use of this miracle herb to provide a safe effective solution.
Our weekly updated blog features articles ranging from the effects this herb has on men and women to it’s long history in ancient South Eastern medicine. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to contact us or connect with one of our experienced staff via our active social communities such as our  Facebook Page, our  Twitter Page @puerariashop or join our Google circles on our  Google+ Page. We would love to hear from you and will be happy to assist you with answering questions about natural breast enlargement with Pueraria and whether it’s right for you.

Natural Breast Enlargement with Pueraria Mirifica

Pueraria Mirifica is a natural plant that grows deep in the jungles of South East Asia, specifically the area between Myanmar and Thailand. Ancient cultures in both of these countries have known about the healing properties and the plant’s physiological benefits for centuries.
Extracts from the Pueraria plant root have been tested for treating the symptoms of menopause since it acts as an estrogen without the unwanted side effects of pharmaceutical hormones. Through these studies, the most common “side effect” experienced during these trials was the increase of breast firmness, size and overall shape.  Although this wasn’t what the study had intended, it propelled this miracle herb into the natural breast enhancement community spotlight.  It is no wonder that for natural breast enlargement, it is the #1 choice for women and men who wish to increase their breast size naturally.

Pueraria Mirifica Benefits

This herb, extracted from the root of the kwao krah root can be ingested and applied topically. There are various types of Pueraria available for treating menopause, hangovers and to enhance breast size, shape and firmness.
The pueraria lobata plant has been used in medical treatments for hundreds of years, and the root, flower, and leaf can all be utilized. The benefits of Pueraria are seemingly endless; some people use it to alcoholism, heart and circulatory problems, upper respiratory problems, and skin problems. It has been used by Chinese medical experts since about 200 B.C., and it is considered one of the 50 fundamental herbs. Since about 600 B.C., the Chinese people have used it as a hangover medicine.
By ingesting 100% pure extracts in pill form over the course of 48 days, your breast tissue begins to multiply on a cellular level. This not only causes the breasts to swell and appear larger by one to one and a half cup size, but also reinforces your breasts natural shape and firmness.

Transgender / Transsexual Breast Enlargement

White Kwao kreu hit the news headlines again when doctors identified that it enlarged the breasts of a monk who regularly consumed the herb. White kwao kreu is believed to contain the female hormone estrogen while the red kwaao khruea is believed to stimulate the male hormone.
In the past century, “lady boys” have used Pueraria as a way to grow their own breasts. Just as any woman, transgender and transsexual women prefer big, voluptuous breasts to feel feminine, and attract the mate they most desire. Most Thai transgender women are petite with feminine features but no breasts, for them, this natural herb is the answer.
We recommend only suppliers whose supplements contain Pueraria Mirifica that is grown in Thailand and is from farmed cultivar. This is crucial because it determines whether the supplement works or not.

Our products  are available both in PILL form and in TOPICAL form. The pills target your estrogen levels directly from the inside, while applying creams and serums directly to the breasts allows your skin to absorb the entirety of what is applied to it, rather than filtering it through the liver and the kidneys. By doing both, you’re able to maximize the efficacy of the natural breast enlargement product. All of our products are grown naturally in Thailand and are 100% pure.