• Does Pueraria Mirifica Work

    Does Pueraria Mirifica work? According to extensive studies, trials and research detailed in this article about the chemistry behind Pueraria Mirifica and how it works; the answer is yes. Learn more about the chemical properties of this miracle plant and how it interacts with your physiology to enhance the size, shape and volume of your natural breasts. Additionally, Pueraria Mirifica has bee studied by trained medical physicians and can prove that Pueraria prevents bone loss, protects against dementia and cures menopausal symptoms.

    The beneficial properties of Pueraria Mirifica stem from the unique chemical components contained in the plant. The most important of these compounds is deoxymiroestrol and miroestrol. These compounds and others in Pueraria Mirifica mimic estrogen. As you read on, you will see the root of Pueraria Mirifica’s affect rely on a recurring theme—activating the cellular response to estrogen in the body.

    Deoxymiroestrol is quickly converted to miroestrol upon exposure to oxygen. Miroestrol is structurally similar to estradiol. Estradiol is one of the three naturally occurring sex hormones that make up estrogen (estrogen is the umbrella term encompassing estrone, estradiol and estriol). Below is the structural representation of estradiol compared tomiroestrol.

    Chemistry of Pueraria Mirifica

    Chemistry of Pueraria Mirifica

    Research has shown that estradiol is 80 times as potent as estriol and 10 times as potent as estrone in its estrogenic effect. More technically, estradiol binds the two estrogen receptors (ERα and ERβ) preferentially to estriol and estrone. The binding of estrogen to the receptors initiates a chain reaction of cellular events in the body that is responsible for estrogen’s youth enhancing and feminizing properties. Estradiol is the most potent naturally occurring estrogen.

    The similarity in chemical structure of miroestrol to estradiol lends to Pueraria Mirifica‘s breast enlargement properties as well as the other youth defying properties of Pueraria Mirifica. In fact, miroestrol possesses the most estrogenic activity known amongst discovered phytoestrogens (estrogens of plant origin). The crux of miroestrol’s ability to mimic estradiol lies in its 6-sided phenolic ring on the left side of the diagram above. This allows Miroestrol the ability to bind to the same receptors estradiol binds to in the human body.

    The beneficial properties of Pueraria Mirifica do not end with miroestrol. In addition to miroestrol, Pueraria Mirifica contains diadzein and genistein, which are types of isoflavones. Diadzein and genistein are two isoflavones also found in soybeans and soy products. Isoflavones are varieties of phytoestrogens that mimic estradiol. Again, their ability to mimic estradiol lies in the 6-sided phenolic ring pictured on the left of each diagram.

    Chemistry of Pueraria Mirifica Chemistry of Pueraria Mirifica

    Data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture compared to peer reviewed research published in Japan Society for Bioscience, Biotechnology and Agrochemistry shows that not only does Pueraria Mirifica contain the major isoflavones diadzein and genistein, but the concentration is significantly higher than that of soybeans. Raw soybeans, those that had the highest concentration of diadzein and genistein compared to all soy products, still had only 43% the amount of diadzein and 89% of the amount of genistein found in Pueraria Mirifica cultivated in northern Thailand.

    But Pueraria Mirifica phytoestrogenic compounds go beyond miroestrol, diadzein and genistein. Coumestrol, which is a type of coumestan, is also present in Pueraria Mirifica and further contributes to its youth enhancing, breast enlargement properties. Coumestrol also binds the two estrogen receptors with the same affinity as estradiol. Again, we see a 6-sided phenolic ring on the left side of the coumestrol diagram below. This means coumestrol binds just as tightly as estradiol. It does not activate the receptors as strongly as estradiol or miroestrol, but does still contribute an estrogenic effect on the body. The crux of its estrogenic properties is that it blocks other hormones that counteract estrogen’s role in the body.

    Chemistry of Pueraria Mirifica

    Although these isoflavones and coumestans do mimic estradiol, it is to a much lesser degree than miroestrol’s ability to mimic estradiol. This is not surprising as eating soy products do not contribute to breast enlargement. That being said, the combination of known phytoestrogens makes Pueraria Mirifica extra potent in its youth enhancing and breast enlargement effects. Pueraria Mirifica is the only known plant in the world that contains these phytoestrogens in combination and the only plant that has significant quantities of deoxymiroestrol and miroestrol.