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    Thanks! After 2 child births and breastfeeding, my breasts had lost shape, but now the shape is back and I’m very happy! Took for 6 months your pills and serums it was definitely worth it.

    Sophie – Portland, Oregon USA


    Have used both capsules and cream. Prefer the capsules as they were easier to use. The result is super, have increased over one size and my  breast are fuller and firmer, great products!!!

    Debbye – Sydney, AUSTRALIA


    I was skeptical about your pills and serums. but I was wrong. I am pleasantly surprised, it works after all. My boobs have become firmer and even a little bigger. very easy to manage dosage and directions. 5 stars for you :)



    Used the capsules for approximately 2 months and have already noticed results. Have 1 month left and will definitively order soon and recommend to my friends, maybe I will try your other creams next.

    Linda – QUEBEC


    I was also very surprised when I started to feel a real change in the firmness of my breast and that, just after 3 weeks of treatment

    Maggie Bishop – San Jose, California USA


    Have taken pills for 2 months since May; will start the 3rd month tomorrow. Thus far, have experienced firmness and more roundness shape. Feeling good. I have been very satisfied with the Customer Service and the prompt replies from them have been always very reassuring.

    Thank you so much.

    Lin – KOREA


    I’m very glad to tell you that I’ve started to see some results. The results of using your products, capsules and cream, are amazing: enlargement of the breast size and also firmness and support too. It took some time for me but it really works. I’m now taking the fourth month supplies.

    Maud – FRANCE


    I’ve been taking the Pueraria capsules for a little over a month and my breasts are perkier and more full than they have ever been!  I’m so amazed although I did forget to take it once.  I plan on trying the creams or serums.  Has anyone else used either one?  I love your supplements :)

    Senja Vik – Gothenburg, SWEDEN


    I’m so glad that I tried this pueraria mirifica!  I have heard mixed reviews but I have always wanted to get above my small “A” cup but do not want a foreign object in my body.  Everyone must give it a go that wants to get larger breasts the natural way.  I tried NBE (natural breast enhancement) such as fenugreek, wild yam, soy, ginseng, dandelion, and blessed thistle.  I have massaged, used herbal steam baths and body wraps.  Nothing and I mean nothing has caused me to gain such size as with your pills.

    Brenda Lubbock – Sydney, AUSTRALIA


    Ma cure de Pueraria Mirifica touche à sa fin. J’ai pris un traitement sur trois mois comme vous le conseillez. Les effets se sont fait sentir au bout d’un mois et demi environ. Ma poitrine commence à “prendre forme”. je me sens déjà moins complexée.



    J’ai pris la Pueraria Mirifica pour ses effets bénéfiques sur la ménopause. Il est vrai que j’ai ressenti très rapidement une amélioration et un bien être que je pensais perdue.

    Lucie, FRANCE


    Bonjour, je me prénomme Sylvie. J’ai toujours été complexée par ma petite poitrine. Je fuyais le regard des hommes car je pensais qu’ils ne voyaient que ce défaut. En quelques temps ma poitrine a pris du volume. Certes, elle n’est pas grosse, mais je me sens bien maintenant !



    J’ai vu votre site internet sur un forum féminin, j’ai réfléchi quelques temps, et j’ai commandé. Je ne regrette en aucun cas cet achat car les résultats me conviennent parfaitement.

    Samira, LUXEMBURG


    Women in my family all have tiny breasts, but would never approve of implants.  After trying this product I have the breasts over one cup size larger than before!  I am now a full C cup and have taken the pills only, no serums but I do use the massage mentioned in your blog, thanks!

    Jnana Sharma – New Delhi, INDIA


    After having 3 kids, my breast shape turned from perky to deflated and with my stretch marks, I contemplated surgery but with the expense of a lift and an implant (mastopexy and augmentation) I realized that something like this was out of my budget.  With the onset of menopause on the horizon, I also have been thinking about which hormone replacement therapy would be right for me.  That is when I found Pueraria Mirifica.  It is cheap and above all, it works Thank you.  My breasts are now full and dramatically lifted and best of all, no scars ;)

    Nancy Dreyfus – Melbourne, AUSTRALIA


    Bonjour, d’origine thaïlandaise, je vous le confirme. La Pueraria Mirifica est utilisée dans mon pays par les femmes qui veulent avoir une peau ferme et un peu plus de seins. C’est ma mère qui m’a fait connaitre cette plante.

    Mimmie, FRANCE


    Je salue votre efficacité et professionnalisme. Après avoir contacté plusieurs sociétés,
    vous êtes la seule qui a répondu patiemment à toutes mes questions et qui ne pratique pas
    des prix prohibitifs. C’est pour cette raison que je vous ai choisi. Et je suis contente de mon choix. Je suis à mon 4eme mois de traitement et votre produit est réellement efficace. Ma poitrine a fiere allure.



    Moi, j’ai découverte la Pueraria en surfant sur le net pour trouver un moyen de retrouver ma poitrine d’avant mes 2 grossesses. Toutes les femmes qui ont des enfants se savent. Notre poitrine après une grossesse…, ce n’est pas forcement très jolie. Grace à la Pueraria, ma poitrine est redevenue plus ferme.100 % satisfaite.

    Ericka, BELGIUM

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