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Pack ULTIME 6 boxes capsules & 3 serums – 1 SERUM FREE

$149.90 USD

Get irresistibly large, firm breasts by discovering our exclusive must-have combo set of capsules and serums formulated with pure Pueraria Mirifica herb which will enlarge and firm your breasts naturally. This pack is perfect if you want firmer and fuller breasts or to tighten up and restore shape after pregnancy or weight loss. Our new premium capsules contains 200mg of pure extract of the plant and the serum has a extra stong formulation

1 SERUM FREE – $26.90 USD value.

Enjoy our  Pueraria Mirifica PACK ULTIME of  6 boxes premium capsules 200mg, 3 serums extra strong formula and 1 SERUM FREE!

Combining pills with topical serums will help you to get reach your breast enlargement goals faster; naturally. You will notice your breasts increase in volume, firmness and shape in just 45 days. Our pills are the most effective product for natural breast enlargement. These capsules help your body naturally stimulate new breast tissue growth through it’s unique component, Pure Pueraria Mirifica Extract.

Pueraria Mirifica root extract contains phytoestrogens which have the ability to cause estrogenic and/or antiestrogenic effects. These phytoestrogens act to stimulate the growth of mammary tissues and encourage collagen synthesis which results in a more voluptuous, appealing bust line.

Our Breast Firming Serum is specially formulated with Pueraria Mirifica and medicinal herbal extracts to promote the original shape and firmness of your breasts (before pregnancy or weight loss) while giving your skin a radiant and toned texture. This rich, soothing serum contains deep penetrating nanosomes that lock in the serum’s nourishing agents inside on the particle level to penetrate deep into your inner skin layers; releasing its nourishment and our blend of herbs into the breast tissue directly. Combined with nanotechnology, the serum is quickly absorbed, firming and enlarging the breast, while keeping the skin soft and smooth.

Recommended Dosage and Use

It is recommended that you start with a minimum treatment period of 3-6 months (3-6 boxes).
Your body will respond to Pueraria Mirifica extracts between 45 to 60 days of daily treatment. Be patient and let the extracts absorb into your body; it will work! 

What you can expect in your 3rd – 6th month of treatment

- A significant increase in the volume of your breast (up to 1 and a half cup sizes)
– A noticeable improvement in firmness due to stimulation of collagen synthesis
– Improved appearance and shape of your cleavage
– More toned, elastic and firm skin
– Radiant, smooth skin
– Decreased appearance of stretch marks
– Softer, silkier hair
– Greater self-confidence

Composition of the capsule

- Each box contains 100 capsules
– Each capsule contains 200 mg of pure Pueraria Mirifica extract
– Vegan casing (rice flour)

Composition of the serum – 15ml NEW EXTRA STRONG FORMULA

Our serum is enriched with an advanced formula that contains a combination of Pure Pueraria Mirifica Extracts and medicinal herbs which are known for their ability to balance female hormones naturally in addition to promoting breast enlargement, firmness and the nourishment of your skin simultaneously.

Pueraria Mirifica (pure extracts)

Pueraria Mirifica has a high concentration of phytoestrogens which are not hormones, but they do provide the same benefits of estrogen, which is the body’s primary source for breast enlargement. The phytoestrogens will maximize blood flow and estrogen distribution throughout your breast tissue, encouraging growth and maintenance of the breast tissue, volume, and shape. Pueraria Mirifica also increases your breast’s fatty tissue and ligaments around the breast that provide support and shape. All of these combined actions will result in enlarging your cup size. Moreover, Pueraria Mirifica will also maintain collagen which will give to your breast a soft, smooth, natural appearance.

Vitamin C

Also known as ascorbic acid. Vitamin C plays a vital role in your metabolism by promoting the synthesis of collagen in your skin. In fact, vitamin C stimulates fibroblast proliferation and thus collagen synthesis and will help to restore the skin’s surface which diminishes with age and help to reduce wrinkles. Through its anti-free radical action, it will fight against free radicals favored by sun exposure . Vitamin C improves skin texture, gives a luminous complexion and reduces the gray skin of smokers and stressed people. In addition to this, it participates in the regulation of the activity of melanocytes.

Witch Hazel Extracts

This herb is used in many skin care products for its toning and astringent properties on your skin. In cosmetics, Witch Hazel is an essential component of many products because it is particularly recommended for sensitive skin, prone to redness. Its astringent and purifying properties are ideally suitable for oily and mixed skins.

Chondrus Crispus

Chondrus Crispus belongs to the family of red algae. It contains large amounts of polyunsaturated fatty acids, essential minerals, trace elements and also vitamins (A, B, C and E). In cosmetics, it is known for its soothing, moisturizing and restructuring properties and it preserves the natural protective layer of the skin. It’s moisturizing properties give your skin a supple, smooth complexion when applied.

Advice and Recommendations

Capsule Dosage

- 3 capsules per day
– 1 capsule after each meal (about 30 minutes after a meal)

Breast Firming Serum Instructions

Apply a small amount onto your fingertips and apply in circular upward motion to your breasts. Gently massage for 5 minutes until the cream is fully absorbed. For more detailed instructions on how to properly massage your breasts read here.

All serums should be used twice daily, once in the morning and once in the evening for maximum results.


Women who have a history of cysts, tumors, uterus problems, thyroid should consult their doctor before starting a treatment with Pueraria Mirifica. Women who are pregnant and want to breastfeed should subsequently discontinue use of Pueraria Mirifica. Finally, we also advise teenagers to wait for at least your 18th birthday before considering natural breast enlargement with Pueraria Mirifica and obtain parental consent.

Our Pueraria Mirifica extract products are phytotherapeutic which contain no component that require a prescription. These products are 100% natural, safe and are available worldwide.



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