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NEW: Pueraria Mirifica – 300 PREMIUM capsules – 200mg of Pure Pueraria extracts

$47.70 USD $38.16 USD

Do you want more voluptuous and larger breasts? You have tried many products with no results. Give a chance to our new Premium capsules 200mg. You can grow your own natural breasts faster with our capsules of Pure Pueraria Mirifica Extract. Our new premium capsules contains more extracts for more effective and results.

With ou Pueraria Mirifica, you can enlarge your breast by 1 to 1.5 cup sizes in the fastest and deepest way

For the women who want to enlarge their breasts naturally, our Premium Pueraria Mirifica capsules are the only 100% safe and natural way to grow your own breasts.

Get a 3 months treatment for only $38.16 USD instead of $47.70 USD


Some women have low hormone levels which has a direct impact on their breasts and development in terms of volume and firmness. In addition to this, with age and the effects of gravity, your breasts will tend to fall.
But this is not definitive and can be changed through our Pure Pueraria Mirifica Extract, a Thai herb known and recognized for its ability to increase breast size in a completely natural way adding firmness and strengthen them.

Pueraria Mirifica root extract contains phytoestrogens which have the ability to cause estrogenic and/or antiestrogenic effects. These phytoestrogens act to stimulate the growth of mammary tissues and encourage collagen synthesis which results in a more voluptuous, appealing bust line.

Recommended Dosage and Use

It is recommended that you start with a minimum treatment period of 3-6 months (3-6 boxes).
Your body will respond to Pueraria Mirifica extracts between 45 to 60 days of daily treatment. Be patient and let the extracts absorb into your body; it will work!!!

What you can expect in your 3rd – 6th month of treatment

- A significant increase in the volume of your breast (up to 1 and a half cup sizes)
– A noticeable improvement in firmness due to stimulation of collagen synthesis
– Improved appearance and shape of your cleavage
– More toned, elastic and firm skin
– Radiant, smooth skin
– Decreased appearance of stretch marks
– Softer, silkier hair
– Greater self-confidence

Composition of the capsule

- Each box contains 100 capsules
– Each capsule contains 200 mg of pure Pueraria Mirifica extract
– Vegan casing (rice flour)

Advice and Recommendations

Capsule Dosage

- 3 capsules per day

- 1 capsule after each meal (about 30 minutes after a meal)

- stop 2 days before your periods and during them


Women who have a history of cysts, tumors, uterus problems, thyroid should consult their doctor before starting a treatment with Pueraria Mirifica. Women who are pregnant and want to breastfeed should subsequently discontinue use of Pueraria Mirifica. Finally, we also advise teenagers to wait for at least your 18th birthday before considering natural breast enlargement with Pueraria Mirifica and obtain parental consent.

Our Pueraria Mirifica extract products are phytotherapeutic which contain no component that require a prescription. These products are 100% natural, safe and are available worldwide.



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